CRISPnet Lunch Series

We have been successfully running CRIPnet lunch series for 2 years now. CRISPnet lunch series is a monthly event, designed and organized by Chahboune, Broadbridge, and Altman and open to all CRISP participants (graduates, postdocs, and faculty) and CRISP affiliated members. The aim is to foster interaction among all center members, and specifically to broaden the education of graduate students and postdocs and expose them to different career options. Topics have included academic and industry career, commercialization of research, starting companies, and science policy in Washington:

Here is a list of events:

Dr. Lana Chan, Process Engineering Manager at  ProteinSimple, Your Graduate Degree is More Flexible than You Think, 2016

Dr. Tarek Fadel, Staff Scientist supporting the U.S. National Nanotechnology Coordination Office and the Nanoscale Science, Engineering, and Technology (NSET) Subcommittee at the National Nanotechnology Initiative. An Engineer’s Perspective on Nanotechnology Policy in the United States, 2016

Richard Anderson, Licensing associate at The Office of Cooperative Research. Resources for Technology Innovation at Yale, December 8th, 2015

Erika Smith, Deputy Director at the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute, 2015. YALE entrepreneurial institute and support for innovation on campus, 2015

Dannika Avent, Associate Director at the Office for Postdoctoral Affairs, Talk with Yale Postdoctoral Affairs: Resources for Career development at Yale, 2015

Professor Eric Altman, Chemical & Environmental Engineering, It’s What You Learn After You Know it All that Counts: Reflections on the First 25 Years After Grad School, 2015

Emily Kinser, Engineer at IBM, This talk was tailored for REU students

CRISP Participants lunch, June, 2015
Meet with the 2015 CRISP REU students
Faculty, postdocs, students, Yale undergrads, REU students and IAF students