IRG1 : Atomic Scale Design, Control, and Characterization of Oxide Structures

IRG1 Leaders: Eric Altman and Charles Ahn

The Atomic Scale Design, Control, and Characterization of Oxide Structures IRG is based upon novel chemical, electronic, and magneto-electric phenomena that arise at atomically abrupt complex oxide interfaces. Fundamental understanding of these phenomena and their exploitation to create new classes of devices lies at the heart of the intellectual merit. The broader impacts of the research are in discovering and utilizing novel interfacial phenomena to push devices used for communication, computation, and sensing beyond present paradigms. Three grand challenges motivate the research: designing new interfacial systems that impart unique chemical and physical properties; creating new device paradigms based on the novel properties of complex oxide interfaces; and understanding and manipulating strong electronic correlations that are responsible for many of the novel properties of oxide interfaces. The approach of using cross-cutting teams, including teachers, undergraduates, and high school students to carry out the research, broadens the impact to the entire STEM pipeline.



IRG1: Switching Conductivity On or Off at an Interface


IRG1: Transferring electrons to a superconductor

IRG1: Teaching neural networks via materials science

IRG1: Tailoring Topological Surface States

IRG1: New Haven Science Fair Participation


IRG1: Revealing Hidden Phases in Materials       

IRG1:  Robust, Easy-to-Use Atomic Force Microscopy in Vacuum




IRG1: Engineering the Electronic Structure of Crystalline Oxide Layers

IRG1: Multi-Dimensional Scanning Probe Microscopy


IRG1: Switchable Electron Shapes at an Interface

IRG1: Silicon Integrated High Speed Electro-optic Modulators