IRG1: Switching Conductivity On or Off at an Interface

IRG2: Corrosion Resistance of Mg-Ca-Zn Metallic Glass Thin Films for Potential Biocompatible Materials

IRG2: Enhancement of the Quality Factor of Metallic Glass Resonators via Cyclic Shear Training

IRG2: Tailoring Crystalline Phases via Nucleus Starvation

Education and Outreach:  Materials & Manufacturing Summer Teachers’ Institute (MMSTI)


IRG1: Transferring electrons to a superconductor

IRG1: Teaching neural networks via materials science

IRG1: Tailoring Topological Surface States

IRG1: New Haven Science Fair Participation

IRG2: Combinatorial Screening of Metallic Glass Electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction

IRG2: Developing a Solar Outreach Program for Haiti

IRG2: Nanoscale Effects on Critical Cooling Rates of Metallic Glasses

Public Talk Series: Science Saturday: “Watching Atoms Move” 

Seed: Clearing the Way for Quantum Information

Empowering the Next Generation of Female and Minority Scientists in STEM

Education and outreach: Mysteries of Sand! CRISP Public Lecture

Education and outreach: Math & Science in the Elementary School Classroom

National Collaboration: MBE System at the National Synchrotron Light Source II

MBE System for Undergraduate Teaching 

Industry: Start-Up: Supercool Metals

Facilities: Supercool Metals


IRG1: Revealing Hidden Phases in Materials       

IRG1:  Robust, Easy-to-Use Atomic Force Microscopy in Vacuum                                                            

IRG2: Electrocatalytic Surfaces Using Bulk Metallic Glass Nanostructures     

IRG2: Cooling Speed Affects Ductility of Metallic Glasses       

Seed 1: Nucleation and Growth Are NOT Independent

Seed 2: Helping Superconducting Qubits “Remember”

Education and Outreach: Inspiring New Haven Students Through the Years

Education and Outreach: Resources for STEM Professionals

National Laboratory Collaboration: Shining Light on Ferroelectric Devices at Argonne National Laboratory

Facilities: MRSEC inspired CT State Colleges and Universities Center for Nanotechnology

Workshop: 66th New England Complex Fluids Workshop



IRG1: “Seeing” through a wall by quantum tunneling

IRG2: Sacrificial Nanoimprint Lithography of Bulk Metallic Glasses

IRG2:  Nanoscale Imprinting into Bulk Metallic Glasses

Seed: “Seeing” the Crystallization of Metallic Glasses at the Nanoscale

Seed: Using Light to “See” Sound in Solids

National Labs: Yale-BNL Symposium on Materials and Catalysis

Industry: Developing Ferroelectric DRAM Into a Commercial Product