Plasmon Propagation along Metallic Nanostructures

Nanoscale metallic structures are promising platforms for sensors: using photons to launch surface plasmon polaritons, metallic nanowires can guide and re-emit light over tens of microns. The re-emission of light at the other end of a nanowire can be promoted or altered by adsorption of molecules.

Using silver nanowires synthesized in solution and fabricated by electron-beam lithography, we observe plasmons as re-emitted light after laser stimulation at different frequencies and polarizations (1, 2), or at multiple points using Holographic Optical Tweezers (3). By controlling the size, geometry and orientation of the nanoparticles and the frequency, polarization and angle of the incoming light that creates the plasmons, we aim at building a platform for sensing molecules.

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Synthesized Ag wires (830 nm laser) Synthesized Ag wires (1064 nm laser)
Tuesday, December 17, 2013